Malíř a grafik Rudolf Michalik ve světle svého olomouckého "archivu" (1922–1940)

Title: Malíř a grafik Rudolf Michalik ve světle svého olomouckého "archivu" (1922–1940)
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  • Painter and graphic artist Rudolf Michalik in the light of his Olomouc "archive" (1922–1940)
Source document: Opuscula historiae artium. 2021, vol. 70, iss. 2, pp. 218-241
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    1211-7390 (print)
    2336-4467 (online)
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The study is based on the finding of a hitherto unknown private archive of Rudolf Michalik (1901–1993), a prominent artistic figure of inter-war modern art in Olomouc. The collection of documents is stored in the Historical Archive of the Regional Museum in Olomouc and offers an opportunity not only of a detailed enrichment of information about this artist, but also to learn about the networking of this personality in his given socio-cultural relations. Against the background of the special situation of multi-ethnic and multi-cultural Olomouc with its Czech, German, Jewish elements, this archive also makes an eloquent statement about the historical positioning of this artist. At the same time, this unique example leads to reflection on the biographical method as a special instrument of the field of art history.
Studie vznikla v rámci řešení projektu Grantové agentury České republiky Dějiny umění na Moravě: Morava v dějinách umění (20-09541S).