Terénní výzkum na turecké vesnici (na příkladu vesnice Yörük u Safranbolu)

Title: Terénní výzkum na turecké vesnici (na příkladu vesnice Yörük u Safranbolu)
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  • Field research in a Turkish village: the case of Yörük near Safranbolu
Source document: Vytejčková, Kateřina. Když výzkum, tak kvalitativní : serpentinami bádání v terénu. Pavlásek, Michal (Editor); Nosková, Jana (Editor). Vyd. 1. Brno: Masarykova univerzita, , Etnologický ústav AV ČR, Praha – pracoviště Brno, 2013, pp. 45-60
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This study is a contribution to the discussion of the possible difficulties of field research, and reflects personal experience with two short-term research projects in Turkey in the locality of Yörük. It does not try to present a generally applicable theory, nor analyze in detail data acquired in the field. It does try to show how the original research goal can change under the influence of new findings during the course of the research. The process by which the diversion from the original research intent may occur is described in the case of field research in the village of Yörük. Instead of focusing on the locality the research shifted to interest in the community. This unexpected change in the aim of the research can occur in any cultural environment. The article summarizes both the unique and general aspects of field research in such a place, conclusions which reflect years of personal experience by the author.