Vir honestus

Title: Vir honestus
Author: Spunar, Pavel
Source document: Studia philosophica. 2010, vol. 57, iss. 1, pp. [17]-18
  • ISSN
    1803-7445 (print)
    2336-453X (online)
Type: Anniversary article; Obituary
License: Not specified license

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The aim of this short memorial is to point out a courageous act happened a few years ago. Jiří Gabriel, followed with his collaborates, succeeded editing an alphabetically arranged Slovník českých filozofů (Dictionary of Czech Philosophers), Brno 1998, including personalities representing German, Slovak (etc.) thinkers, bound to Czech lands. The Dictionary appeared in the situation after the revolutionary change in 1989 when a part of the society supported the Czech nationalism disguised in "searching the national identity".