Zdeněk Rossmann a divadlo své doby : závěrečné kapitoly scénografické tvorby

Title: Zdeněk Rossmann a divadlo své doby : závěrečné kapitoly scénografické tvorby
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  • Zdeněk Rossmann and the theatre of his day : the concluding chapters of his scenographic work
Source document: Opuscula historiae artium. 2023, vol. 72, iss. 1, pp. 62-75
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    1211-7390 (print)
    2336-4467 (online)
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Zdeněk Rossmann (1905–1984) was a prominent representative of the Czechoslovak avant-garde between the wars, making his mark in several artistic fields from the beginning of his creative career. In addition to his central interest of architecture, he concerned himself with typography, book design, advertising, exhibition management, and soon drew close to the theatre as a scenographer. This study focuses on his post-war work in theatre, which has almost never been published. In the context of the time and Rossmann's own fate, it uses selected titles to reveal the basic principles of his work as well as the specifics of his collaboration with other personalities of the theatre world.
Text studie navazuje na výzkum tvorby Zdeňka Rossmanna realizovaný v rámci projektu Moravské galerie v Brně zahrnující monografickou výstavu a katalog s názvem Zdeněk Rossmann. Horizonty modernismu z roku 2015, který mapoval Rossmannovo dílo do roku 1945.