Kořeny izraelsko-palestinského konfliktu

Název: Kořeny izraelsko-palestinského konfliktu
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  • The roots of Israeli-Palestinian conflict
Autor: Čejka, Marek
Zdrojový dokument: Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity. C, Řada historická. 2007, roč. 56, č. C54, s. [75]-80
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In his text Čejka deals with some aspects of Israeli-Palestinian conflict. We consider the topic relevant as today the issues are often depicted superficially in the media, with bias either in favour of Israelis or Arabs. There is also a significant change in the Czech environment after the fall of comunist regime which favoured Palestine. Today we may meet with somewhat "romanicized" support of the state of Israel. The author also deals with the situation after the World War I and the role of European powers, esp. Britain and France, in the problems in the Middle East. As a critical landmark he presents the beginning of the 1920s when a wave of riots among dissatisfied Arabs began in the Middle East, starting in Egypt in 1919. An uprising in Iraq, tribal clashes in Transjordan and the first major Arab-Israeli outrage erupted a year later.