"My Flowerless Ones" : representations of unmarried women in the short stories of Katherine Mansfield

Název: "My Flowerless Ones" : representations of unmarried women in the short stories of Katherine Mansfield
Zdrojový dokument: Brno studies in English. 2009, roč. 35, č. 1, s. [137]-145
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    0524-6881 (print)
    1805-0867 (online)
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Modernist short story writer Katherine Mansfield, although she herself never reached middle age, displayed an unusual understanding for lonely, unmarried, middle aged women – the members of society which were on its absolute margins, as well as on the margins of literature. Portrayals of these characters belong to her finest work, and stories which feature them constitute a fitting example of her artistic mastery. The ambition of this paper is to present Mansfield's most interesting unmarried female characters and analyze the way she depicts the tragedy of their lives.
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