Participio de presente que expresa anterioridad o posterioridad

Název: Participio de presente que expresa anterioridad o posterioridad
Zdrojový dokument: Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity. N, Řada klasická. 2008, roč. 57, č. N13, s. [97]-111
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This contribution is devoted to the investigation of factors that cause some predicative present participles to have interpretation of anteriority and posteriority. Two Late Laiin texts (Liber historiae Francorum and Chronica Muzarabica) written in the 8th century are analyzed. First I focus on States of Affairs of present participle and main predicate. Most of the so called aoristic participles are telic, but it is not a general rule. Other important factors are position of the participle with respect to the main predicate, wider and narrower context. There are some cases of 'aoristic' ablative of gerund in the Mozarabic Chronicle. Its Spanish translation suggests that the Spanish gerund can be similar to the Latin present participle as to expression of relative time reference. Primordial value of the present predicative participles in the analyzed texts is to express relation to the subject of the clause. The interpretation of anteriority, simultaneity or posteriority is due to various factors.