I nomi della storia : aspetti linguistici della storia e civiltà italiana

Název: I nomi della storia : aspetti linguistici della storia e civiltà italiana
Zdrojový dokument: Études romanes de Brno. 2010, roč. 31, č. 1, s. [241]-248
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    1803-7399 (print)
    2336-4416 (online)
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Licence: Neurčená licence

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This study features corpus of expressions, terms and locutions designating historical and cultural facts which are almost exclusively Italian with no correspondent equivalents in another languages. It starts even with the problem of absence of an appropriate Italian term that Czech language describes as lingvorealie, i.e. the lexicon of the cultural and historical concepts. Divers of them could be translated in other languages, however, without a fundamental knowledge of the cultural context it is impossible to understand them. The main focus of our activity will consist of collecting these expressions and classifying them into several groups that should cover the whole wide area of the phenomenon. Chronological and regional restriction will have to be done consequently. Then our focus will be brought on terms falling into the second middle of the 20th century as we will operate with expressions denoting particular period or interval of the Italian history such as "autunno caldo" (hot autumn), "anni di piombo" (years of lead) or which indicate specific place or locality without using the proper noun, e.g. "citta rossa" (red city, Bologna) or "triangolo industriale" (industrial triangle), etc. We will conclude with linguistic analyses of lingvorealie in terms of the lexical-semantics.
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