Rozvoj akce na individuálně-personální úrovni

Název: Rozvoj akce na individuálně-personální úrovni
Variantní název:
  • The progressive evolution of the action on the individual-personal level
Autor: Říha, Karel
Zdrojový dokument: Studia philosophica. 2013, roč. 60, č. 2, s. [3]-28
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    1803-7445 (print)
    2336-453X (online)
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There are two stages of evolution of the action on the individual-personal level: the realization of intention in freedom and determinism of will, and the development of the action in its incorporation in the body. -- I. Freedom and determinism. The main thesis Blondel's in this matter sounds: The consciousness of freedom is not in contradiction with determinism of appearances, but both are requiring mutually. On this basis appears the unity of the autonomy of will and the heteronomy of duty (against the rationalism Hegel's) and the necessity to integrate the intention in the action (against the moral-formalism Kant's). – In this way, Blondel demonstrates the continuity of moral-empirism and moral-apriorism, and the connection of the order physical and the order moral. -- II. Philosophy of body. At first, Blondel puts the preliminary question: How are we conscious of our body? The commonplace answer says: Through the resistance, what aware of the resistance through the striving of will to its farther progress. Therefore, the main problem is: How the consciousness of body does not disturb the actual progress of action but contributes to its development? Blondel answers: In this way, that the free will, incorporating itself in any motif, does not dissolve the opposite motives, but calls them to a clearer consciousness and a more distinct operation. These concomitant motives are accessible to the will as to be surmounted and they are therefore not my personally I, but appear as belonging to it. In this mode, the decision of will founds the individuality of man and the universality of action.
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