K metodologickým problémům hudební narativity

Název: K metodologickým problémům hudební narativity
Variantní název:
  • About methodological problems of musical narrativity
Autor: Kozel, David
Zdrojový dokument: Musicologica Brunensia. 2014, roč. 49, č. 2, s. [127]-138
  • ISSN
    1212-0391 (print)
    2336-436X (online)
Type: Článek
Licence: Neurčená licence

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The study aims to present a basic principles and main conceptions of an influence theory about temporal dimension in the art and music – musical narratology, which is often theoretical reflected from the 80's. The stress is put on the methodological problems like a relations between general (literary) narratology and musical narratology, time dimension in music and verbal narrative, narrative possibilities of music etc. Selected narrative themes (as well as authors) are analyzed, compared and critically reflected. Study tries to show, that the specific narrative can be realized in music as a shared mental and art characteristic. Musical narrativity is understood not just a quality of music, but also as a possible analytical method and interpretative approach to the musical work.