Zahraniční politika Makedonie – úspěch či neúspěch?

Název: Zahraniční politika Makedonie – úspěch či neúspěch?
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  • The foreign policy of FYROM
Autor: Gazda, Adam
Zdrojový dokument: Porta Balkanica. 2011, roč. 3, č. 1-2, s. 46-55
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The paper introduces the foreign policy of the Republic of Macedonia in the period 1991–2010. It focuses at the main players, the priorities and the foreign policy development. Integration to the NATO and the EU have been the most top priorities of the Macedonian foreign policy. However these two priorities are related to good relations with the southern neighbour – Greece, which has been insisting at a change of constitutional name of the Republic of Macedonia to allow Macedonia to enter the above mentioned international organizations. Another issue which downgrades Macedonian foreign policy is the strong politization of Ministry of Foreign Affairs which has a negative influence at the country's diplomatic service.