Význam a úloha psychologických služeb v Armádě České republiky

Title: Význam a úloha psychologických služeb v Armádě České republiky
Source document: Sborník prací Filozofické fakulty brněnské univerzity. P, Řada psychologická. 2001, vol. 49, iss. P5, pp. [95]-103
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Type: Article
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The army of the Czech Republic is incorporated into the North Atlantic Treaty Organization /NATO/. Actually it undergoes a transformation process to make up the army into qualitatively new fighting institution. The unreplaceable place in this process take up well developed psychological services, which are in this article presented in their importance, extents and capabilities. For a right understanding we can find in the beginning of this article a description of military mechanism which is different from the other social organizations. The emphasis is put on an importance of the psychology not only from historical point of view but particularly from the view of actually needs of modem fighting operations management.